Getting credentials to access a dashDB data warehouse

IBM dashDB is a fully managed cloud data warehouse, purpose-built for analytics. It offers MPP scale, and compatibility with a wide range of BI tools. It's available as a free trial on BlueMix. Several samples and tutorials in Data Scientist Workbench involve the use of dashDB. In this article we show you how to get credentials for accessing your own instance of dashDB.

Go to BlueMix or sign up for a new BlueMix trial account.

Check your email and confirm your new account.

Once you're logged in, go to work with data.

Create a new service.

Scroll down to dashDB.

Create that.

Give the service and credentials a memorable name and create it.

Check the service credentials in the sidebar.

You should see all the necessary details in JSON form:
  • port is the database port
  • db is the database name
  • username is the username you'll use to connect
  • password is the password you'll use to connect
Make a note of these credentials.

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